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AvP wins & loses!!

One day, the whole story behind the debacle that was the final week before the release for ALIEN VS PREDATOR will come out and we'll know whether or not director Paul Anderson was truly still "editing" his movie until its final release day (poor, poor guy), or if the studio was simply too scared of getting horrible reviews for the 90-minute "kiddie flick" to bother showing it to anyone over the age of 18 for reviewing purposes. At the end of the day, the film opened pretty decently at the #1 spot with $38.2M (FREDDY VS JASON opened with $36.4M and went on to gross $82.2M when all was said and done), but it's obvious from fan feedback and reviews of the film that it will drop faster than a hooker at a losers convention next week. How anyone could f*ck up such a sweet premise is beyond me.

That said, the follow-up to the unbearable THE PRINCESS DIARIES entitled THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: LET'S MAKE MORE MONEY FOR SCHLOCK made an unconscionable $23M over the 3-day weekend, upping its total from its opening on Wednesday to $37.2M, which is close to its predecessor's opening of $37.9M. What does that mean to me and you? Well, it means simply that we are likely going to see even more lame Cinderella-esque movies in the coming year starring underage hotties that the tween demographic look up to with great reverence. One very cool thing that happened at this week's box-office turnstiles is the continuing good showing by Tom Cruise's COLLATERAL, which was certainly helped by the film's good worth of mouth and Tom and Jamie Foxx's manly hugging sessions on every other talk show. I look forward to this film continuing to reign the box-office until the end of the summer. Another newcomer to the charts, YU-GI-OH: THE MOVIE, also did well for itself with a fourth place opening of $9.4M. THE VILLAGE continued its monumental drop with yet another 57% downward slide since last week, while CATWOMAN slipped out of the top 10 in her fourth week of release. Later Pitof.

Next week, and the rest of the month, doesn't showcase too many great-looking films with both EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING and WITHOUT A PADDLE opening wide.

 1. Alien vs Predator  $ 38.3 Million/ New
 2. Princess Diaries 2  $ 23.0 Million/ New
 3. Collateral  $ 16.0 Million/  $ 52.4 Million
 4. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie  $  9.4 Million/ New
 5. Bourne Supremacy  $  8.3 Million/ $ 139.4 Million
 6. The Village  $  7.0 Million/  $ 99.7 Million
 7. Manchurian Candidate  $  6.0 Million/ $ 48.0 Million
 8. Little Black Book  $  3.7 Million/ $ 14.6 Million
 9. I, Robot  $  3.6 Million/ $ 133.7 Million
 10. Spider-Man 2  $  3.4 Million/ $ 360.9 Million


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