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50/50 director reunites JGL and Seth Rogen in The Night Before trailer


Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood, and for a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity. Now that they’re entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball – the Holy Grail of Christmas parties. From the director Jonathan Levine (50/50), here is the red-band trailer for THE NIGHT BEFORE!

50/50 ended up being one of the better Rogen comedies for a multitude of reasons, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was undoubtedly one of them. It's great to see them reunite for another flick, and given that Jonathan Levine didn't do too hot with WARM BODIES, I'm happy he's back with an R-rated flick to boot. Given the typical pieces of Christmas cinema to screen every year, this may just hit the spot. I mean, it's hard to stay a Scrooge when you're staring at Lizzy Caplan.

THE NIGHT BEFORE will hit theaters on November 25, 2015.

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