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In the shadow of death...

Despite being shot twice and allegedly costing over $40M the first time around (director Paul Schrader) and more than that amount the second time around (director Renny Harlin), it appears as though audiences were still aching to be scared at the box-office this weekend as EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, OPEN WATER and WITHOUT A PADDLE (scary stuff!), scored decent numbers as the summer begins to wind itself down. GARDEN STATE, another film which like WATER opened wider this past weekend, also managed to slip into the top 10 with $3.2M. Not surprisingly, the biggest drop of the week came courtesy of ALIEN VS PREDATOR, which doesn't even appear as though it will hit $80-90M at this point. A big disappointment indeed (for both fans and the studio) Tom Cruise's COLLATERAL, on the other hand, continues his streak of films that manage to hang in the top 10 for weeks on end, with only a 35% drop since last weekend.

In the meantime, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY is officially one of the bigger surprise summer hits, surpassing the $150M mark, and THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2 appears as though it might swing some decent dollars as well, breaking the $60M barrier in just two weeks out. The "summer movie season" officially comes to a close next weekend with ANACONDAS, SUSPECT ZERO and SUPER BABIES: BABY GENIUSES 2 (I know, I know...I've barely heard of it myself) Movies to watch for in September include SKY CAPTAIN, THE LAST SHOT (limited), THE FORGOTTEN and THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (limited) and possibly PAPARAZZI, CELLULAR and RESIDENT EVIL 2 for "popcorn fun". 

 1. Exorcist: The Beginning  $ 18.2 Million/ New
 2. Without a Paddle  $ 13.7 Million/ New
 3. The Princess Diaries 2  $ 13.2 Million/  $  61.4 Million
 4. Alien vs Predator  $ 12.5 Million/ $  63.1 Million
 5. Open Water  $ 11.8 Million/ New
 6. Collateral  $ 10.5 Million/  $  70.1 Million
 7. Bourne Supremacy  $  6.6 Million/ $ 150.6 Million
 8. Manchurian Candidate  $  4.2 Million/ $  54.7 Million
 9. The Village  $  3.7 Million/ $ 107.0 Million
 10. Garden State  $  3.2 Million/ $   6.7 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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