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Thanks to the great job that our man Johnny Moreno has been doing with his weekly DVD NEWS UPDATES, these columns aren\'t necessarily as exciting each time out, but for anyone interested in the latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES, we\'ve added another ton of them to the site this week, including some all the way through to December of 2004 (yup, the studios are starting to smack their lips already) My favorite one is entitled AMERICAN PIMP, a documentary by the Hughes Bros about the oldest \"male profession\" in the world: pimpin\'! They sold me with this tagline on the cover: \"Raw Outtakes and The Hard Truth Edition\". Dang, I hope they didn\'t catch me getting some hummer action a few weeks ago...I just needed to \"relax\" and was drunk, man...leave me alone...I ain\'t hurtin\' nobody!

Harumph. That said, the other highly anticipated DVD of the fall season has also been announced (and no, I\'m not talking about that SPIDER-MAN guy): CLUB DREAD (SPECIAL EDITION). Apparently, they initially wanted to call it CLUB DREAD: HOW CAN WE MAKE MONEY FROM THIS BAD MOVIE WHOSE ONLY SAVING GRACE IS TITS AND ASS...OH, I KNOW...ADD MORE TITS AND ASS, AND PUT MORE TITS AND ASS ON THE COVER AND SELL IT AS A \'SPECIAL EDITION\', SO THAT WE COULD ALL MAKE MORE MONEY....but it was too long for the box cover. 

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