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Machinist trailer and more


Es tu, Batman?

No joke. The picture above is none other than actor Christian Bale, the man who is currently on patrol in Gotham City as the Dark Knight himself, in an upcoming film entitled THE MACHINIST, opening in October. I saw this movie during the summer and it kicked my ass [my review here]. It's a great, dark thriller and reminded me of Hitchcock. It's also directed by the man who made SESSION 9 (Brad Anderson) and features the Bale-meister minus about 60 pounds from his usual frame, and Jennifer Jason Leigh plus shots of her boobs. You also get the great Michael Ironside tossed in for fun. How can you go wrong? Check out the film's 3 teasers and 1 trailer right now. I'm assuming they're the international trailers, since they feature a boob shot and people swearing...oooooh!

But that's not the only new trailer to be added to our MOVIE TRAILERS section today, in fact, we've got six others as well, my personal favorite being the one called BIRTH, starring Nicole Kidman, and playing a lot like that 80s romantic comedy starring Robert Downey Jr and Cybill Shepherd called CHANCES ARE, only without the romance, without the 'laughs' and without Downey Jr's annoying smack habit. The film centers around a 10-year old kid who claims to be Kidman's husband, who passed away years earlier. It looks pretty well done and sounds damn interesting, especially since my own cat keeps insisting that she's my ex- from high school and keeps asking me for head. I know, I know...it's pretty disgusting, but I'm just passing along the info, man...don't shoot the messenger. Five other "indie" trailers have also been added, all of which you can find more info about by clicking their titles here: ZELARY, HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, AROUND THE BEND, I AM DAVID and WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. Enjoy.

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