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Sin City video clips!!


UPDATE: Crap. Well, it appears as though this amazing piece of footage has been pulled from the Net for now. Stay tuned for its "official" launch, at some point, I guess.

If your testicles don't tighten up just a little after checking out the extra-cool SIN CITY CLIPS that were shown to the San Diego Comic Con attendees this past July, you and I likely do not share the same toilet bowl after a full-night of binge drinking, my friend. That's right, after all the hype, the kick-ass teaser posters, my graphic novel review and the most recent Internet postings of screen-shots from my #2 most anticipated movie of 2005, Robert Rodriguez has presented the online world with his vision of what Frank Miller's SIN CITY stories will look like on the big screen, and along with unique movies like SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW and TEAM AMERICA, certainly bodes well for major movie fans like myself in the coming months.

For anyone not aware, the first part of this footage is the stuff that Rodriguez filmed out of his back-pocket (starring Josh Harnett and Marley Shelton), which he then used to try and "sell" Frank Miller on the idea of transforming his novels into movies (almost literally, page by page and panel by panel). Miller was as amazed as anyone else by the amazing re-creations and is now on-board as co-director of the film (Quentin Tarantino also shot a day on the movie) The second part of the footage features clips of some of the many characters in the stories (the film will comprise three different stories), including Benicio Del Toro, Clive Owen, the stupendously hot Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, the unrecognizable Nick Stahl (he's the Yellow Bastard), Mickey Rourke (perfect as Marv) and yes, even the very annoying Brittany Murphy...and many others. They are intercut with actual panel shots from the comic, which shows you exactly how close Rodriguez is playing his movies.

It's to note that many of the scenes don't have backgrounds yet. They will be added in post-production. SIN CITY is slated to hit theaters on April 1st, 2005, but I can't wait that long, so I'm taking a few buses down to Texas myself and hoping that Troublemaker Studios will let me in their doors when I come a' knocking. C'mon man....I'm begging you...let me see more!!! And oh yeah, for those still interested, you can purchase the very lovely poster of Jessica Alba and her cute behind, right here!

Source: The Movie Box
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