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C'mon Hollywood #19


...keep a close eye on The Mick!
by Indiana Sev

‘Eddie’ Simmons: Which do you prefer, Sinatra or Mathis?
‘Boogie’ Sheftell: I like Presley.

-- Diner (1982)

The word ‘comeback’ has been abused and misused since Travolta rocked our worlds with his triumphant return in PULP FICTION in 1994. Nowadays, every time some 70’s or 80’s TV or film icon does a half-assed cameo in an indie film, it suddenly becomes their big comeback. So, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and declare that The Mick (Mickey Rourke) is smack dab in the middle of his own return to glory. I know, I know, he’s been scraping at the comeback wall since the late 90’s with gems like BUFFALO ’66 and duds like THE RAINMAKER and DOUBLE TEAM (where the term “beefed-up” would be an understatement in describing Rourke’s physical appearance). But it’s only recently with great turns in films like GET CARTER, THE PLEDGE and SPUN that he’s become an authentic actor again. With the lead role of Marv in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s SIN CITY (see clips from film here) he’s finally set to regain the throne he abandoned so carelessly in the late eighties. No joke, he was the king back then...

Unfortunately, Mickey has been known to stray and follow the wayward road in the past; we’ve all heard and reveled in the stories of his attempted return to a boxing career, unnecessary plastic surgery (why in the world??) and so much more, but that’s The Mick, you have to take the good with the bad. So my plea to Hollywood this time around is that they keep a close eye on The Rourke and cut the man a bit of slack!

If he fusses and insists that his Chihuahua get on set -- let it be. If he shows up a little late -- let it slide. If he stinks of booze and women -- laugh it off. If he enters the ring again – bet on the other guy! I don’t care what it takes but please, for the love of FRANCESCO...give the man the benefit of the doubt whenever possible because we all know ‘Boogie’ ain’t gettin’ a third shot at the title. And to see him fall from grace a second time around would be too much for me to take. I refuse to see him whore himself out to the straight-to-video temptresses that he flirted with from ’94 to ’96.

And all this is coming from a guy who was shunned and properly dissed by the great Celtic actor back in the late eighties himself! (when I was just a young and impressionable autograph seeker and a mere 13 years old). I forgave and forgot back in ’95 when I met a young John Fallon (aka The Arrow) on a college campus and he introduced me to the world of Mickey Rourke – film actor extraordinaire. The next few months were an Irish-green blur as I ingested classics such as DINER, RUMBLE FISH, ANGEL HEART, THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, NINE ˝ WEEKS, JOHNNY HANDSOME, BARFLY, YEAR OF THE DRAGON and on and on and on. I saw all the films up to and including WHITE SANDS in ’92 and then…he fell off the face of the earth. We can’t let that happen again. I fear The Arrow would take it even harder than I would. He would just give up on life (again!) and join the monks in Tibet (again!).

What I’m trying to say is, let’s all make a pact and make sure we look the other way when The Mick makes another boo-boo this time around. After all, he is Mickey Rourke – the man is sin incarnate!

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