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Pics: Edison, Big, Noise


Photographer Chris Helcermanas Benge has posted some brand spanking new pics up on his official site from three upcoming movies.

The first is WHITE NOISE, a Michael Keaton starring psychological horror/thriller about a man whose deceased wife communicates with him through electronic equipment (something known as Electronic Voice Phenomena). I had a little problem with the teaser trailer that was released a little while ago but hopefully the full trailer will be better.

White Noise movie still

Next up is EDISON, a movie about a journalist who looks to uncover a corrupt police department with the help of a district attorney and a veteran reporter. This movie marks the feature debut of none other than Justin "I totally touched Janet Jackson's boobs" Timberlake. It has to be a little daunting for Timberlake since the movie also stars Hollywood heavyweights' Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman. Hopefully, he'll pick up a few tips from the big dogs and come out with a decent performance.

Edison movie still

Finally, there's THE BIG WHITE. I'd actually never even heard of this one until I came across these pics but seeing as how it stars Robin Williams, Holly Hunter, Alison Lohman, Woody Harrelson and Giovanni Ribisi, I thought it was worth mentioning. The story apparently revolves around a travel agent who uses a frozen corpse to get out of debt. Things get complicated since two hitmen are also looking for the corpse. Huh? Yeah, I have no idea. The pics look cool, though.

Big White movie still

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