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article pic The San Sebastian International Film Festival is currently screening (out of competition) Woody Allen's latest MELINDA AND MELINDA. In addition, the festival also presented Allen with a lifetime achievement award, of which he said "when they told me they wanted to give me a life-time achievement award I felt I should not really accept because you know, after all, what have I actually achieved? I'm not a scientist or a doctor who has discovered some great cure and then I thought about my films and I thought that actually they were a cure for insomnia and I thought that I could accept the award in all conscience". He's cool. The movie sees Radha Mitchell take on dual roles as the title character in a comic and tragic parallel storyline. If you're interested in some pics from the film as well as a script review courtesy of the Ain't It Cool folks, go HERE. As usual, Allen has managed to round out the cast with a good mix of veteran and up and coming actors, the likes of which include Chloe Sevigny, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet and the extremely funny Will Ferrell. Having said that, the official website for the Sabastian Festival has two clips from the movie. The first one features a neurotic sounding Radha Mitchell having a spaz attack and the second shows Will Ferrell being the funniest and most understanding husband of all time. They're in Windows Media and have content that may not be safe for work. MELINDA is scheduled for release in early 2005.




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