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C'mon Hollywood #21


...don't pull a Kubrick, Anderson!
by Indiana Sev

ďThe book says, we might be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us.Ē

-- Jimmy Gator (MAGNOLIA)

I speak, of course, of great American director Paul Thomas Anderson and not the Brit filmmaker Paul W. S. Anderson (RESIDENT EVIL, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR). Although, Wes Anderson isnít too far behind with his one-two-three punch of BOTTLE ROCKET, RUSHMORE and THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, and his latest, THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, coming out this fall and hoping to rock my world.

As for P.T., with PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, he officially surpassed the Coen Bros. and Woody Allen as my favorite living director. So, itís only natural that Iím foaming at the mouth in anticipation for his next project. Unfortunately itís been three years since PDL and Iím afraid he might fall down the Kubrick road of filmmaking and only deliver one or two films a decade. Donít get me wrong, if heís going to be a perfectionist and keep churning out mind-blowing films like MAGNOLIA, then I donít mind the wait, but when you have so few directors that deliver truly original and powerful movies like Anderson does, itís a tough pill to swallowÖespecially with junk like THE BIG BOUNCE being released regularly.

What makes this wait even more difficult for me is seeing the gradual progression of quality, intensity and flat-out brilliance from his first film up to and including his last one, PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE (2002). If this pattern continues, his next movie might very well kill me and believe me when I say Iíd gladly accept that as my way to go on to the next world.

HARD EIGHT (AKA: SYDNEY) was what started things off for him, a slice-of-life casino gambling tale that had the heart and intelligence that would be a fixture in his next three films. The following year, BOOGIE NIGHTS put him and Heather Grahamís breasts on the map as well as drawing comparisons to Martin Scorsese. In 1999, MAGNOLIA became my second favorite film of what was easily the best year for movies since 1939 (my number one in Ď99 was FIGHT CLUB, of course). PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE just plain kicked my ass and put Anderson in the hall of fame of legendary directors, as far as Iím concerned anyway.

So, I suppose this ďCímon HollywoodĒ is aimed directly at the man himself. Dude, help me out here, Iím drowning. Let me in on what you think your next project will be, write me up a little synopsis to post on the site, send me a cocktail napkin with a doodle you did while you were hanging out at your favorite bar. Flip me off if you must. Iíd take anything ĎP.T.í at this point. Give me something, anything to satisfy this withdrawal Iím suffering. Please, I donít know how much longer I can take it. Wes Andersonís upcoming movie will help me get through this long wait but Iím afraid Iíll go mad after THE LIFE AQUATIC is released and Iíll have no one else to turn to. Take your time, if you really must, on deciding and completing your next picture, but please man...give me some crumbs to nibble on in the meantime.

Oh, and if you can somehow manage to cast another brilliant ďAndersonĒ in your next project, itíd be much appreciated. I speak, of course, of underrated eighties magician/comedian: Harry Anderson. Iím not kidding.



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