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Biggest October opening ever!

For a film that received a surprising amount of negative reviews, SHARK TALE managed to, not only, open in the #1 spot of the weekend, but at the same time, beat the record for the biggest October opening weekend ever, with its $49.1M beating out SCARY MOVIE 3's previous record of $48.0M. The animated picture also beat out Dreamworks' other major animated hit SHREK's opening weekend by $7M (it opened with $42.3M and finished with $267.7M). Mind you, SHREK 2 beat all records this past summer with a grand opening of $108M, but that was during the prime movie season, which didn't include any hurricanes on the East Coast. And speaking of which, the rest of the top 10 didn't fare so well, other than LADDER 49 in second spot, which also opened really well with close to $23M, and Julianne Moore's THE FORGOTTEN which still managed to scrape together $12M in its second week.

Everything else made less than $4M, including a film entitled WOMAN, ART THOU LOOSED, which opened in 6th place, despite the fact that I personally had never heard of it myself (or most people that I asked). Weird. Apparently, the folks behind the film made an appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" this week, which I assume led to their film's appearance in the top 10. SHAUN OF THE DEAD also continued its climb, moving from 8th to 7th place from last week. This week sees the addition of the horrible looking TAXI (a "remake" of Luc Besson's French hit), FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, which is a film based on a true story with decent buzz so far, and RAISE YOUR VOICE, yet another movie starring either Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan, which I can't seem to differentiate other than the fact that one's cute with perky boobs and the other is cute with massive boobs. Those crazy kids nowadays.

 1. Shark Tale  $  49.1 Million/ New
 2. Ladder 49  $  22.8 Million/ New
 3. The Forgotten  $  12.0 Million/ $ 38.3 Million
 4. Sky Captain and...  $   3.4 Million/ $ 30.7 Million
 5. Mr. 3000  $   2.6 Million/ $ 19.2 Million
 6. Woman, Thou Art Loosed  $   2.5 Million/ New
 7. Shaun of the Dead  $   2.4 Million/ $  6.9 Million
 8. Resident Evil: Apocalypse  $   2.3 Million/ $ 47.0 Million
 9. First Daughter  $   2.2 Million/ $  7.1 Million
 10. Cellular  $   2.0 Million/ $ 28.2 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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