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We've added 7 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS to the site today, including a few "fun" ones like the latest for the November 19th release of the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS movie. I've never watched the television show myself, but the Arrow tells me that it's "the tits" and then some. LEMONY SNICKET's latest trailer is also making the film look about as much fun as THE ADDAMS FAMILY mangled in with a little EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and Timmy Burton. The unrecognizable Jim Carrey also looks like he's having a blast in the lead role, so I will definitely be there when it opens. BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM director Gurinder Chadha's latest called BRIDE & PREJUDICE unfortunately looks like more of the same, only watered down to satisfy all audiences a la MY BIG FAT SHIT WEDDING. I want to like it (BECKHAM rocked), but I'll have to wait and see. The lead lady is hottie though. And speaking of lead hotties, Bill Murray's latest collaboration with auteur Wes Anderson titled THE LIFE AQUATIC has also come out with an Internet-only trailer, which isn't all too different from the previous one, but does seem a little more focused than its preceding trailer. Hard to say if it it will be "too quirky" or just "quirky enough" at this point. Dafoe looks like a blast though! 

Up for both the year's worst idea for a movie and one of the worst trailers that I've seen this year is the rehash of the 70s TV cartoon series FAT ALBERT (need I remind you, that Hollywood simply can't help but ruin every single one of our childhood memories by destroying them via remakes on the big screen) in which bright colors, dance numbers, dumb jokes and lots of singing and dancing, apparently present the film to us. I wish I had three thumbs so that I could point all three downwards for this piece of shit. And to open it on Christmas Day? A sacrilege, through and through. Mick Garris' big screen adaptation of yet another Stephen King novel entitled RIDING THE BULLET, unfortunately looks pretty lame as well, with a "TV feel" and some horrible effects. Sam Jackson's latest features him in the role of a man cashing a paycheck in a film entitled COACH CARTER, but which may as well have been called DANGEROUS MINDS, LEAN ON ME, STAND AND DELIVER or any other film that features a teacher who goes into the projects and gets shit done...on his own terms!

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