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A new website recently went live for the Jerry Bruckheimer produced and Nicolas Cage starring NATIONAL TREASURE. In it, Cage stars as an archaeologist named Ben Franklin Gates who, with the help of Dr. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), goes on the hunt for the buried treasure of the Knights Templar, the location of which is encoded on the back of the Declaration of Independence. The site's a little too gimmicky with having to "explore" and "discover secrets". I'd much rather "explore" and "discover Diane Kruger in a bikini". On the plus side, though, doing a little exploring and code cracking could lead you to a trip to the film's premiere so it may be worth having a look around. Check out the site HERE. The movie opens November 19th.


There was a weird rumor floating around recently regarding ALEXANDER's supposedly explicit gay love scenes. Apparently, the opening date was pushed back because the love scenes rang a code red on the studio gaydar. So, they were running a rapid de-gayifying campaign to get the gayosity down to acceptable levels on the gayometer. However, the rumor has recently been debunked by Warner Bros. Pictures President of Production Jeff Robinov via a letter he sent to The Scoop where he stated the only reason the opening date was pushed back was to put the movie into a better position for Oscar consideration and to polish up the extensive effects shots. He further stated that there is no such "studio gaydar" nor a "rapid de-gayifying campaign" and certainly no "gayometer". In any case, the official website for ALEXANDER recently got a major update with the addition of a flash component and tons of other cool stuff. Check that out HERE.



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