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No wonder he's smiling...

Yet another week at the top spot for SHARK TALE makes 3 weeks in a row for the movie which kids, and adults, apparently seem to be digging despite the initial bad reviews by most critics. I guess it's true what they say about certain movies just being "critic-proof". TEAM AMERICA, which was released this past weekend, opened in a somewhat disappointing 3rd spot, behind Billy Bob Thornton's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, which held on to its number two spot from last week. It's to note that AMERICA's budget was only about $30M, which should easily guarantee the film a nice profit, especially when its unrated version hits DVD shelves. The film also didn't feature any major stars (well, other than the ones who get murdered in the puppet-flick, of course).

Another film which opened this past weekend featuring actual movie stars Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez, also opened with disappointing figures in 4th spot with only $11.6M. Nobody was really expecting this movie to break bank, but with three such supposed "bankable" stars, one would have expected it to open a little higher. Maybe it'll hold up over time like THE FORGOTTEN and LADDER 49, both of which are closing in on the $60M mark.

Next week sees the addition of one of the worst timed films of the year, Ben Affleck's SURVIVING CHRISTMAS, opening a week before Halloween (!!!) -- which is almost as "smart" as opening SEED OF CHUCKY two weeks after Halloween -- as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Sam Raimi-produced thriller THE GRUDGE. A couple of smaller pictures are also hitting the streets including one of my favorite movies of the year starring Batman, Christian Bale, called THE MACHINIST, and the expansion of Jude Law's film-of-the-week, I HEART HUCKABEES.

 1. Shark Tale  $   22.1 Million/ $ 118.8 Million
 2. Friday Night Lights  $  13.1 Million/ $  38.7 Million
 3. Team America  $  12.3 Million/ New
 4. Shall We Dance?  $  11.6 Million/ New
 5. Ladder 49  $   8.6 Million/ $ 53.9 Million
 6. Taxi  $   7.7 Million/ $ 23.7 Million
 7. The Forgotten  $   6.0 Million/ $ 57.2 Million
 8. Raise Your Voice  $   3.0 Million/ $  8.1 Million
 9. The Motorcycle Diaries  $   1.7 Million/ $  5.7 Million
 10. Sky Captain and...  $   1.3 Million/ $ 36.0 Million




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