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First Daughter - February 1

Katie Holmes is a girl after my own heart. She's thoroughly attractive, thoroughly hot and thoroughly talented. But I can't see why she would opt to doing a piece of dung like this instead of doing something worthwhile like THE GIFT where she flashed us her "hoo haas". What a gift indeed.


  • Commentary by Director Forest Whitaker
  • Commentary by Cast (Katie Holmes, Marcus Blucas and Amerie Rogers)
  • Deleted Scenes with Commentary
  • Choreography Featurette
  • Composer Tribute
  • Women's Tennis Association - Spot
  • Widescreen and Pan & Scan transfers

"Is that that fool Johnny Moreno? You tell his monkey ass not to call here at three in the morning anymore or I'm calling the police."

Family Guy: The Freakin' Sweet Collection - December 14

This is a pretty good idea, Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) picked his five favorite episodes for this set and did some commentary tracks. Apparently they were recorded for the previous sets but not included. How's that song go? Something about "double dip, double dip"? In any case, you also get a commentary track by Brain and Stewie on an episode so dry your eyes.


  • When You Wish Upon a Weinstein
  • Road to Rhode Island with optional Commentary by Brian and Stewie
  • To Live and Die in Dixie with optional Commentary by Seth MacFarlane, Dan Palladino, Steve Callaghan, Danny Smith, Mike Henry
  • I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar with optional commentary by Seth MacFarlane, Chris Sheridan, Alex Borstein and Craig Hoffman
  • Lethal Weapons with optional commentary by Seth MacFarlane, Chris Sheridan, Garret Donavan and Steve Callaghan
  • Preview of "American Dad"
  • Seth MacFarlane talks about American Dad
  • Seth MacFarlane talks about Family Guy Season 4

"Why don't you try shutting the hell up!"

Mr. 3000 - February 1

Tentative specs for this include a commentary track with the director, outtakes, deleted and uncut scenes and who knows what else. Until we get final specs, hold yourself over with a Poster Roaster of this flick by our very own Indiana Sev.

No, son, that's my ball, now hand it over before I whup the tar outta ya."

Little Black Book - January 4

Yeah, I'm not really sure what to make of this, other than it stars Peter Gibbons from OFFICE SPACE and that one chick who use to be in CLUELESS and she had a green dog in SPUN but is now the I'll never tell...-girl and she use to date Ashton Kutchner (but then, who hasn't) and she's got like, a big mouth. Literally.


  • Live and On Air: The Making of Little Black Book featurette
  • talk show featurette
  • Anamorphic Widescreen

"Bill Lumbergh, Peter calling, what's happening, um, yeah, I'm not going to be coming into work...well, ever."

Menu Shots/Covers


Little Black Book


Shrek 2: Not as good as the first, but still funny enough for you to steal for your kids. Or yourself. 11/2

Dr. Strangelove (SE): Arguably, Kubrick's crowning achievement. A definite blind buy and a good place to start if you haven't (God forbid) delved into his stuff. 11/2

The Simple Life (S2): Fans of Paris and the other chick will no doubt pick this up. Fans of the other project Paris worked on.....stop now before you go blind and grow hair on your palms! 11/2

Dazed & Confused (SE): One of the best movies of the 90's, a definite upgrade. Buy it. 11/2

Highschool girls and Wooderson: He gets older, they stay the same age.

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