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People like The Incredibles...

Breaking FINDING NEMO's smash debut of $70.2M (if only by a little...estimates say THE INCREDIBLES opened at $70.6M), and coming in as the 3rd highest November movie opening ever (behind the two HARRY POTTER movies), Pixar's latest seems poised to break even more records as great word of mouth is sure to keep is scoring into the holiday season (it made $29.4M on Saturday alone...the most for any Disney movie ever). SHREK 2, which was nastily released on DVD on Friday in order to steal some of THE INCREDIBLES' thunder, remains the animated film with the greatest debut with $108M last May.

The Halloween horror crowd also remained strong at the box-office, with both THE GRUDGE and SAW holding on with solid numbers a week after the scary holiday. Gellar's foray into Japanese horror is closing in on the $100M mark while Lion's Gate Films' surprise hit, is continuing to creep folks out in theaters. ALFIE, which according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, had a budget of about $60M, was a major bomb with only $6.5 in its opening week. Either Jude Law simply can't carry a movie on his own, or folks are just Law'd out, at this point (or the movie just didn't look all that interesting-- which it didn't, to me). Jamie Foxx and RAY managed to hold on to most of its audience from last week, remaining in second spot, after two weeks of release.

Next week sees the addition of Tom Hanks in Robert Zemeckis' THE POLAR EXPRESS, opening on Wednesday, as well as Salma Hayek's boobies in AFTER THE SUNSET going one-on-one versus Jennifer Tilly's boobies in SEED OF CHUCKY. BRIDGET JONES: THE STUPID SUBTITLE will also be opening in a limited amount of theaters this week.

1. The Incredibles $ 70.7 Million NEW
2. Ray $ 13.8 Million $ 39.8 Million
3. The Grudge $ 13.5 Million $ 89.6 Million
4. Saw $ 11.4 Million $ 35.7 Million
5. Alfie $ 6.5 Million NEW
6. Shall We Dance? $ 5.7 Million $ 42.1 Million
7. Shark Tale $ 4.6 Million $ 154.1 Million
8. Friday Night Lights $ 3 Million $ 57.3 Million
9. Ladder 49 $ 2.6 Million $ 69.9 Million
10. Team America $ 1.9 Million $ 30.5 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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