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Half Baked (Fully Baked Edition) - February 15

Though most of us should be happy that this is getting the special edition treatment, no Chappelle commentary? No input from Chappelle at all? Capitalize on the dude's success and not even involve him in a special edition of the movie that he wrote and garnered him a cult following? Bogus man, bogus. I wanna talk to Sampson.


  • Audio commentary by director Tamra Davis
  • 10 Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Five Minutes with the Guy on the Couch
  • Different Types of Smokers Featurette
  • Granny's Guide to Bakin'

What a typical "meeting" at the office of JoBlo.com is like.

The Forgotten - February 15

The Forgotten turned about to be a decent enough flick to hold me over until something better comes along. That doesn't really sound too good though, does it? In any case, I enjoyed it because I'm a fan of Julianne Moore (known in the Moreno household as "Amber Waves") and her smoking red hair, natural beauty and grace. Not too shabby.


  • Audio commentary with the director and writer
  • Deleted scenes
  • Making of featurette
  • Two behind the scenes featurettes
  • Anamorphic Widescreen

Though she was on the set of The Forgetten, Julianne Moore did not expect to forget where she parked her car.

Malcolm X (SE) - February 8

I'm not a fan of Spike Lee's bullying style of directing, getting the message across by beating you over the head until you understand. We get it Spike, we get it, dude. Lighten up. However, I think 25th HOUR is an underrated masterpiece and I appreciate Spike's cojones to confront the whole 9/11 thing head on while everyone was tip-toeing around it. Having said that, Malcolm X is aiiight.


  • Commentary by Spike Lee, cinematographer Ernest Dickerson, editor Barry Alexander Brown and costume designer Ruth Carter
  • All-new documentary By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Malcolm X narrated by James Earl Jones
  • 10 additional scenes with on-camera introduction by Spike Lee
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Continuation of Disc One commentary by Spike Lee, Ernest Dickerson, Barry Alexander Brown and Ruth Carter
  • Oscar-nominated 1972 documentary Malcolm X narrated by James Earl Jones and directed by Arnold Perl

Heat (SE) - February 22

Tentative specs on this include an audio commentary, additional scenes, documentaries and featurettes and other things. Stay tuned to Joblo.com as we receive the final list of specs.

Val Kilmer took a friendly game of paintball way too far.

Miami Vice (S1) - January 11

Guys still sporting loafers with no socks and shiny suits with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and driving I-ROC's are totally stoked about this coming out. No details on the special features yet so don't throw those Wayfarers on so fast, dude.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster - January 25

I suppose there's something to say about a band that wrote songs like, "Kill 'em All" and "Ride the Lighting" and "Master of Puppets" and took you "off to never, never land" publicly showcasing themselves exorcising their demons through group therapy. I just don't know what that "something" is because I'm not clever enough. Or smart enough. Or care enough. Anyhoo, JoBlo caught the film and thought it was decent enough not to throw his old Metallica memorabilia away (read his review HERE) and so I guess I'll check it out, lest I get fired or something.


  • 40 additional scenes
  • Exclusive intimate interviews with METALLICA about the film
  • Highlights from festivals and premieres
  • Two audio commentaries by the band and directors
  • Two trailers and a music video

Download any Metallica songs and Lars Ulrich will personally come to your house and jump really high to kick you in the knee.


Bridget Jones' Diary (SE): Trash, I'm sorry, but I don't see what the big deal about Renee Zellweger is. Average, if that. Buy it though. 11/9

The Barbershop Gift Set: Because you need this, you want this, you want it for the headband don't you? Don't you!? 11/9

Elf: Will Ferrell as a big ass elf is fun-ny. And that's totally with a heavy *nudge nudge, wink wink* 11/16

Ju-On: The Grudge: The original with a creepy little kid on the cover. Shiver me timbers! (no idea where that came from) 11/9

Faverau's enthusiasm for Christmas even freaked out Will Ferrell, who just smiled and nodded.

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