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Treasure narrows out Sponge...

Boy-oh-boy...who knew that SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS was so popular?!? (other than at the Arrow's pad on Friday nights). Yes, Nicolas Cage's NATIONAL TREASURE did beat the spongey one to the number one spot in their head-to-head this past weekend, but only by about a million and a half dollars, which considering the budget of each film, certainly bodes a lot more profitable for the underwater man, than Cage. That said, TREASURE should still be proud of knocking Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES from the #1 spot after only two weeks, as should Jerry Bruckheimer, who managed to snag his biggest opening weekend collaboration with Cage, beating the $25.3M they had managed to snare in 2000 with GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS.

The biggest drop of the weekend came from SEED OF CHUCKY, the horror film which opened two weeks after Halloween, while Tom Hanks' THE POLAR EXPRESS (maybe you've heard of it...they don't seem to be advertising this film all that much though-- sarcasm) dropped the least (only about 35% from last weekend), but is still really far away from making a profit as the film's quarter of a billion dollar budget will be hard to make up (it's only made a little over $50M so far). Meanwhile, THE GRUDGE finally squashed the $100M mark, while Lions Gate Films' SAW also managed to surpass the mighty $50M mark, a great feat for such a low-budgeted film.

Next weekend should boost most films' box-office grosses as turkeys and days off hit the American countryside as Thanksgiving sweeps the nation. The only two new films opening next week, both of them on Wednesday actually, are Oliver Stone's minimally reviewed ALEXANDER and Tim Allen's horrible-looking CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS. Happy Turkey-Day, folks!

1. National Treasure $ 35.3 Million
2. The Spongebob... $ 33.5 Million
3. The Incredibles $ 26.8 Million $ 177.8 Million
4. The Polar Express $ 15.2 Million $ 51 Million
5. Bridget Jones: The... $ 10.1 Million $ 21.6 Million
6. After the Sunset $ 5.3 Million $ 19.3 Million
7. Ray $ 4.6 Million $ 59.2 Million
8. The Grudge $ 3.8 Million $ 104.4 Million
9. Seed of Chucky $ 3.1 Million $ 13.4 Million
10. Saw $ 3 Million $ 50.5 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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