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Longoria is Harsh


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Eva Longoria news article picIf you haven't heard of Eva Longoria, here's the low down. First of all, as you may surmise from the shamelessly placed pictures, she's exceedingly hot. Secondly, she's done her time on the daytime soap opera circuit and has more recently become part of the cast of the hugely popular ABC dramedy "Desparate Housewives" playing the sexpot Gabrielle Solis. I'm not ashamed to say that a large part of the reason I watch that show is to see her prance around in some ridiculously tiny outfits. Wait a minute, was there a story here? Oh yeah. MTV is reporting that she's recently signed on to star opposite Christian Bale in the indie film HARSH TIMES. The story follows Mike Alvarez (Freddy Rodriguez) and Jim David (Bale) as they have a great time wreaking all kinds of havoc all over LA. Wreaking havoc never turns out good, though, so things inevitably turn bad. There's nothing bad about the hot pictures of Longoria shown below and to the right, though. It's all good, baby! It's all good!

Eva Longoria news article pic

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