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Shark Tale - February 8

Right now the rugrats around your neighborhood are asking their parents every single day when this comes out on DVD. Well, now you can put a stop to their yammering because here it is. For kicks tell them that the sharks in here ate Nemo and his whiny ass father. Count how many of the kids cry. Rinse. Repeat.


  • Audio commentary with Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and Renee Zellweger
  • Fishified World - featurette
  • Music of Shark Tale featurette
  • Rough Waters technical goofs collection
  • Interactive games
  • DVD-ROM activities
  • Widescreen and Full Screen editions

Scorsese the fish says, "Whadda ya want from me?"

Chappelle's Show (S2) Uncensored - February 8

So passe at this point to say Dave is the funniest man alive. I was screaming that back in '93 when I first caught him on Def Comedy Jam but hey, anyone can say that if they want to go the "cool" route. I need all the help I can get in the "cool" department so cut me some slack, jack.


  • Audio commentaries by Dave Chappelle and series co-creator Neal Brennan
  • Two unaired Charlie Murphy Hollywood Stories
  • The Rick James extended interview
  • Extra stand-up from Dave Chappelle
  • Over 1 hour of bloopers and deleted scenes

The Brady Bunch (S1) - March 1

Come on get happy! As if you didn't see enough of these in syndication almost every other day, right? But if you didn't, and want to get acquainted with the too happy not to be trippin' Brady's, let me break the series down. Marcia grows up to be hot, gets nailed on the sly by her brother who nails her mom and sister, Peter Brady acts like a tool and loses his voice, Cindy and Bobby Brady play doctor when the cameras are off, Mike Brady watches it all, the maid Alice has a boyfriend called Sam who's a butcher and he uses meat innuendos like a mufugga. That's the gist of it.


  • Commentary on the pilot episode "The Honeymoon" by Creator/Exec Producer SHERWOOD SCHWARTZ (Disc 1)
  • Commentary on Episode 12 "A Camping We Will Go" by BARRY WILLIAMS ("Greg"), CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT ("Peter") and SUSAN OLSEN ("Cindy") (Disc 2)
  • Commentary on Episode 23 "The Hero" by BARRY WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT and SUSAN OLSEN (Disc 4)
  • "The Brady Bunch: Coming Together Under One Roof " - Featurette (15 min. 38 sec.)

Brady Bunch: The perfect American family by day; satanic cult by night. Nobody's that happy.

Menu Shots/Covers

Half Baked (SE)

Backbeat (SE)


The Bourne Supremacy: Jason Bourne is still running around Europe with his hot lady friend, trying to piece shit together and killing fools with the quickness. I guess you could say he's......Bourne to be wild? Shoot me. 12/7

Carnivale (S1): This was built up like crazy but turned out to be doo doo. But if you like the "new" John Connor, weird magic-type stuff and plot holes than a mutha, pick this up. 12/7

Top Gun (SE): It's all about the Cruise and latent homo erotic behavior. 12/14

Collateral: Same thing, only more clever. 12/14

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