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For those of you out there who actually enjoyed the Ron Howard/Jim Carrey version of THE GRINCH a couple of years (which in my opinion sucked the big one compared to the classic original animated version-- but I guess that's just me), Universal is milking...oops, I mean, re-releasing a "deluxe" version of the film, just in time for the Christmas holiday season (what a coinkidink!). November 5th is the date to circle on your calendars if you give a rat's ass, and here are some of the features on the 2-disc flick (which don't sound like much, to be honest with you):

"An audio commentary with director Ron Howard, DVD-ROM activities for kids including printable coloring sheets, puzzles, holiday Grinch recipes, exciting games, Grinch themed holiday cards, and “Grinch a Friend,” a program that lets you put the Grinch in your holiday cards. A special sneak preview of the upcoming film, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is also included."

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Source: Universal
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