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What's that fockin' Noise???

I know that I said the Focker/F*cker jokes were getting lame in my own review of MEET THE FOCKERS (a dismal sequel), but cut me some slack, jack...I'm taking tons of medication and somehow it keeps saying "funny" to me in our weekend box-office headlines. All that to say that despite a HUGE opening for a "dump flick" called WHITE NOISE starring Michael Keaton and that chick from David Fincher's THE GAME, MEET THE FOCKERS still managed to remain atop the weekend box-office results, with another $28.4M added to its coffers, raking its total to $204.2M after only 17 days of release. Not too shabby for a movie featuring many of the same jokes as its predecessor, but less funnier, less original and more Babs!

The rest of the weekend's top 10 didn't change much from last week (only one new movie opened this past weekend), but THE LIFE AQUATIC did manage to slip back into the top 10, after one week at number 11. Neat. Keaton's WHITE NOISE was a major surprise at number two with $24M, especially since it got killed by critics, but then again, what the shit do they know, right? It seems like people were starving for some new movies and a cheesy, horror flick like NOISE seemed like the right film at the right time. Or peeps just mistook it for another movie about Eminem...just spelled wrong, WHITE NOIZE.

2005 will really begin this coming week with two new crappy-looking movies in Samuel L. Jackson's COACH CARTER and a movie about a talking zebra or something called RACING STRIPES, one possible hit or miss in Jennifer Garner's great behind called ELEKTRA and one decent looking flick called IN GOOD COMPANY (from the brothers who made ABOUT A BOY). Let the real games begin!!!

1. Meet the Fockers $28.4 Million $204.2 Million
2. White Noise $24 Million
3. The Aviator $7.6 Million $42.9 Million
4. Lemony Snicket's A... $7.4 Million $105.5 Million
5. Fat Albert $6 Million $41.2 Million
6. Ocean's Twelve $5.4 Million $115.4 Million
7. National Treasure $4.4 Million $160.7 Million
8. Spanglish $4.4 Million $37.6 Million
9. The Phantom of the... $3.4 Million $21.5 Million
10. The Life Aquatic... $2.6 Million $19.3 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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