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Elektra tanks!!

If the first couple of weekends of 2005 are any indication, this year is going to include a ton of box-office surprises with WHITE NOISE's $24M+ opening blowing my nuts off last week, MEET THE FOCKERS' continued success continuing to blow my nuts off this week, and both COACH CARTER's huge opening this weekend and ELEKTRA's sad-sack opening, confirming that those in the "predicting game" might be weary of what audiences are looking to check out in this year of the Bat.

Who would have thought that with a built-in comic book audience already there, with its spin-off roots from DAREDEVIL, with a lesbian kissie-kiss, with a busty bustier, with Jennifer Garner as the lead (remember how well 13 GOING ON 30 did?) and with director Rob Bowman behind the camera, ELEKTRA would finish 5th among all the movies from the past weekend, behind both RACING STRIPES, a kid's flick about a zebra that talks or some shit, and a straight-forward drama/comedy starring Topher Grace?? (not to mention Sam Jackson screaming his way through another generic-looking "coach does good" flick) And yeah, it even made less money than CATWOMAN did in its opening weekend!! ($16.7M) Wow! I guess folks just don't wanna see female superheroes, eh?!? (or movies that suck) All that to say....color my ass surprised!

Mind you, this is actually a 4-day weekend, with the "final" numbers to be tallied after tomorrow's Martin Luther King Day, but just looking at the 3-day number totals below, you have to really wonder about what went wrong in Denmark on this one.

As for the continued success of MEET THE FOCKERS, well, what can I really say? I thought the film blew, but obviously folks are loving it as it continued to roll in the dough, upping its total to over $230M since it opened on Christmas day, placing it in 6th spot for all films released in 2004, only about $10M behind the third HARRY POTTER movie (see entire list of 2004 earners here). Next week sees the addition of two new movies including the Wednesday release of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 starring Larry Fishburne and Ethan Hawke & Ice Cube making a fool of himself in ARE WE THERE YET?. Yup, the crappy month of January continues, folks.

1. Coach Carter $ 23.6 Million
2. Meet the Fockers $ 19.0 Million $ 230.1 Million
3. Racing Stripes $ 14.0 Million
4. In Good Company $ 13.9 Million
5. Elektra $ 12.5 Million
6. White Noise $ 12.2 Million $ 41.2 Million
7. The Aviator $ 4.8 Million $ 50 Million
8. Lemony Snicket's A... $ 3.9 Million $ 111 Million
9. The Phantom of the... $ 3.6 Million $ 26.4 Million
10. Ocean's Twelve $ 2.9 Million $ 119.8 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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