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I guess we're there now...

Another slow-poke January box-office weekend wasn't helped by the fact that there were massive snowstorms taking over the East Coast and crappy movies taking over the entire American landscape. All that to say, with only two new movies opening this past weekend, it was Ice Cube and his film ARE WE THERE YET? (a movie which he also produced under his Cube Vision company) that took the top spot with a little under $20M. Yeah, I know...we're all a little amazed. And if you think that's crazy, note how both COACH CARTER and WHITE NOISE are closing in on the $50M marks. Wow. That's even crazier.

Other than that, not much to report, but the one other film that opened this weekend, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, was disappointing, opening in sixth place with only $7M in total receipts. I saw the movie and actually enjoyed it, for what it was. If you get the chance, check it out. ELEKTRA proved that last week was no fluke by tanking even further this weekend, with a 70% drop from its opening (which was shit to begin with), landing it in 10th place in only its second week, and officially making it one of the biggest financial disappointments of the year (I still can't figure out exactly why it performed so badly...although I hear the movie really sucks, which might be part of it).

Next week sees the addition of two new films including one in which our own John Fallon (aka The Arrow) has a tiny role called ALONE IN THE DARK, and Robert DeNiro's HIDE AND SEEK, which will hopefully not "pull a GODSEND" and suck big-time. And yeah...let's all just be happy that January will finally be over after that-- then again, have you see the line-up for February? Not much better, I'm afraid.

1. Are We There Yet? $ 18.5 Million
2. Coach Carter $ 11 Million $ 43.2 Million
3. Meet the Fockers $ 10.2 Million $ 247.7 Million
4. In Good Company $ 8.5 Million $ 27.9 Million
5. Racing Stripes $ 7.1 Million $ 27.3 Million
6. Assault on Precinct 13 $ 7 Million
7. White Noise $ 5 Million $ 49.4 Million
8. The Phantom of the... $ 5 Million $ 33.6 Million
9. The Aviator $ 4.8 Million $ 58 Million
10. Elektra $ 3.8 Million $ 20.2 Million


Source: Box-Office Mojo



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