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Gaiman's MirrorMask trailer


I'm into comic books, but Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed series, "The Sandman", never appealed to me. That said, I realize that many of its followers worship the man, so it'll be interesting to see how his foray into film, with the project entitled MIRRORMASK, premiering at this year's Sundance Film Festival, will be received. The film's OFFICIAL SITE is already up, so you can head on over there right now to see what all the weirdness is about. What's the movie about?

MIRRORMASK is set in a magical world with opposing kingdoms, one in perpetual light and the other in constant darkness. These lands exist in total balance until the Light Queen is put under a spell and falls into a magical sleep. Without the queen, the Light Kingdom has no protection from the minions of the dark. The fate of the world soon rests on the shoulders of Helena, a 15-year-old who finds herself on a fantastic journey to find the MirrorMask and realign the balance of power. Along the way, she encounters giant sloths, monkeybirds, dangerous sphinxes, and otherworldly creatures that defy description.

Much like his comic book, this film's plotline, its trailer and its pictures (despite looking cool) didn't do much for me, but I guess I'm not into that whole "fantasy/dream" thing. Check out some of the odd pics below and click away.

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