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Batman Special Edition?

By now you've undoubtedly read reports on the special edition of Batman but for those of you that live in a bat cave (like that?), here's what the dudes over at TheDigitalBits reported the other day: "Batman on Film [has] posted some interesting details on this. Reportedly, director Tim Burton re-recorded his audio commentary tracks for Batman and Batman Returns with a "special guest." Extras are expected to include trailers, TV spots, vintage footage, new featurettes and a feature-length documentary (for Batman). Joel Schumacher has also apparently recorded new commentary for Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, and is reportedly working on a new, 150-minute extended cut of Forever to be included on the DVD via seamless branching. At least the original Batman is expected to street in May (just prior to the release of Batman Begins in theaters) and a box set of all four films is planned for October or November."

So there you have it. No need to toss out your faded, black and holey Batman t-shirt from 1989. But DO change your 1989 style mullett. It's dated, man.

Spaceballs - May 3

A special edition worth having in spades. Mel Brooks is a comic genius. The Wayans Bros. only wish they could wipe his butt for new material. Actually, wiping Mel Brooks butt has comic quality to it than the sum of the Wayans Bros. movies. Excluding I'm Gonna Git You Sucka of course. That goes without saying. Oh and may the Schwartz be with you.


  • Commentary by Mel Brooks
  • Spaceballs: The Documentary
  • John Candy: Comic Spirit - Featurette
  • In Conversation: Featurette with Mel Brooks and writer Thomas Meehan discussing the writing process and inventing the concept
  • Spacequotes - Clips of famous lines from the film
  • Storyboards to Film featurettes
  • Spaceballs: The Behind-The-Movie Photos
  • Spaceballs: The Costume Gallery
  • Spaceballs: The Art Gallery
  • Film Flubs - Blooper reel
  • Trailers
  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DTS 5.1 Surround

National Treasure - May 3

I'm not buying Nic Cage as an Indiana Jones type character, but if you're into it, then you'll be happy to get a nicely stocked DVD out of it. I'll be praying for you.


  • Alternate Ending with optional director's audio commentary
  • Deleted scenes with optional director's audio commentary
  • National Treasure On Location - Making-Of Featurette
  • The Knights Templar - Featurette
  • Treasure Hunters Revealed - Featurette
  • Riley's Decode This! - Featurette plus 3 puzzling challenges
  • Opening scene animatic with optional Director's audio commentary
  • Separate Widescreen and Full Screen editions

Upon closer inspection, Cage concluded that he was in fact holding a $100 bill and not a slice of ham as previously thought. He ate it anyway.

Menu Shots

After The Sunset

A-Team (S2)

Fight Club (SE):

  • On the second disc, go to the Advertising menu and press your remote control's down key three times. A smiley face will appear underneath the Promotional Gallery entry. Press enter to see the some of the official Fight Club merchandise. They're probably all on EBay now.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

  • On the second disc, go to the Beyond Deckmenu, select Scene Index and to the second page of the chapter. Highlight Pirate Ships and then press left twice on your remote to highlight the ring on the skeleton’s hand. Press enter to watch the film’s Japanese trailer.

  • Go to the disc’s main menu and highlight the Moonlight Serenade "Scene Progression" feature. Press enter on your remote to access the menu, and highlight the Main Menu entry. Next, press the down button twice to highlight one of the skeleton’s teeth. Press enter to watch an interview with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, where he discusses how Johnny Depp based the character of Jack Sparrow on him.

    Got an easter egg that's ripe for pickin'? Send me an e-mail with your coolest hidden features and be the envy of all your friends!

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