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Sideways - April 5

Everyone's acting surprised that Paul Giamatti was snubbed with a nomination. Again. Why? Isn't that how these things go? Couldn't you see that coming a mile away? And why should this be the ultimate goal when the awards are a farce to begin with? While recognizing Giamatti's co-stars who did get nominations (deservedly so) and "snubbing" Giamatti reeks of injustice, be thankful that small movies with great director's and a great cast with a great script exist at all. Preliminary specs for SIDEWAYS include an audio commentary with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, some 'hilarious deleted scenes' and other stuff. We'll update you when the final specs are release. Oh and if you want to see an excellent Virginia Madsen flick, check out LONG GONE with her and William Peterson. My favorite baseball movie ever.

Spanglish - May 3

It's funny how Adam Sandler is now playing "Dad" type roles nowadays instead of having an argument with himself on whether shampoo or conditioner is better. Damn I feel old. It's too bad SPANGLISH looks about as appealing as a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray. Premlinary specs of this include behind the scenes featurettes and a selection of deleted scenes. When we get the final specs, you'll get the final specs, baby.

Oceans 12/Birth/Bad Education - April

Lot of new releases coming out in April have been announced including but not limited to: Oceans 12, Birth, and the Pedro Almodovar directed Bad Education. No specs announced yet for Oceans or Birth but Education includes an audio commentary with the director, an American Film Institute Tribute, a Poster Exploration Gallery, deleted scenes and some red carpet footage From AFI along with the film itself being full of some kind of sex taboo or something.

The Godfather Set:

  • On the Bonus Materials disc, click on The Family Tree, then "Santino (Sonny)". On the next menu, click on "Santino (Sonny)", then on James Cann's picture at the top. Click on James' picture again (this time on the left side of the page) to see a clip from his audition where he impersonates Marlon Brando.
  • On the Bonus Materials disc, click on Filmmakers, then "Mario Puzo". Press the left button twice and you'll see a green dollar symbol over Puzo's biography. Press enter to find out why Puzo wrote The Godfather$

"Anything Don Vito, anything you desire."
"Make it three canolis, a pot of pasta and gravy, and a small diet coke."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (CE):

  • On the second disc of the set, highlight 'Inside The Mind Of Michel Gondry' and press the 'Up' arrow key on your remote which will highlight a pattern at the bottom of the screen. Press 'Enter' to see a short animated clip created by Joel Barish – Jim Carrey’s character in the movie.


Mr. 3000: It's too bad funny comedians like Bernie Mac always take shitty projects that don't showcase their talent. Get some new agents guys, preferably ones that don't have their heads up their kiesters. 2/1

Shall We Dance?: No, we shall not dance. Shall we vomit? You bet'cha;) 2/1

Full House (S1): Remember what I said about comedians? Bob Saget and Dave Coulier got the shaft here. Or am I joking? Hmmmm.... 2/8

Saw: It's either a good flick or an overhyped piece of dung. Hey, kind of like Star Wars. Which one? All of them. 2/15

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