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I'm running out of things to talk about in these here opening paragraphs. If I thought anyone read them I'd be upset. Ummm...... yeah, that's it.

The "Yee Haw" Hottie: Yup, another Daisy Duke picture. Click for a better look.

The "Birthday" Hottie: Christina Ricci turns 25 today. This makes me feel a lot better about those awkward ADDAMS FAMILY and CASPER fantasies. She'll also be guest starring on NBC's Joey next Thursday. In related news, the werewolf from Ricci's new film CURSED will make it's first appearance in the pages of the new Fangoria. Keep an eye out.

The "Columbian" Hottie: Sofia Vergara has joined the cast of John Singleton's FOUR BROTHERS. She'll appear with Mark Wahlberg and Tyrese Gibson in the film about four men avenging the death of their mother.

The "Still in the Running" Hottie: One of the original names to pop up for the role of WONDER WOMAN is apparently still looking to score the gig. According to Movie Hole, Jordan Bayne is being looked at by producers to steal the role from other bigger names including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charisma Carpenter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Satu Rautaharju, Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver.

The "Sci-Fi Goddess" Hottie: New pictures of THE MIGHTY CELT starring Gillian Anderson and Robert Carlyle have popped up over at Monsters and Critics. Click Scully in the bellybutton to check them out.

The "Personal Dream Come True" Hottie: While she's not much of an actress (did you know she had an uncredited role in GHOST BUSTERS?) this entry is more of a personal satisfaction. My long time childhood crush and 80's pop sensation, Debbie Gibson, will be finally be answering my prayers in the upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine where she'll pose naked. A very frustrating and lonely chapter of my life has just be closed.

The "No, Not Really" Hottie: That same issue of Playboy will feature Paris Hilton on the cover. It's all just for show though since the little brat doesn't show the goods inside. Don't forget about the poster for her new film though.

Source: MovieHoleBlackFilm



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