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Oceans 12 - April 12

Wow, after all the pre-announcement buzz on O-12 coming to DVD, not a damn thing is included as far as special features go. Oh wait, there's the theatrical trailer! What was I thinking. It's not like I can find the trailer online in two seconds. Nah. Can you say 'Special Edition'? And by the way, is that not the coolest jacket Brad is wearing or is that not the coolest jacket...ever?

Suspect Zero - April 12

Everyone was really bummed out about Suspect Zero falling totally flat and trying to be too Se7en-ish. Weird how a movie like Se7en has become an adjective. Anyway, Carrie-Anne Moss is still hot and Ben Kingsley was the tits in Sexy Beast. Check it out.


  • Commentary by director E. Elias Merhige
  • Four-part featurette entitled “What We See When We Close Our Eyes”
  • Remote Viewing Demonstration
  • new alternate ending with an optional director audio commentary

Carrie-Anne Moss does her best Trinity impression.....and fails.

The Woodsman - April 26

How about that Kevin Bacon? Dude has no qualms about portraying any king of social deviant. From his role as Chip Diller in Animal House to a sleazy sergeant in Wild Things and now an almost recovering pedophile, Kevin Bacon sees the potential for great characters when other A-list actors are wimping out based on subject matter. I have no excuses for The Air Up There though. The Woodsman release is presented in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 track featuring an audio commentary with director Nicole Kassell, a Sundance Channel featurette and trailers. Thank you sir, may I have another?

The Sopranos (S5) - June 7

TVShowsonDVD.com is reporting that the release of the 5th season of The Sopranos will hit streets on June 7th, right around Father's Day. So, now you can spring for this instead of your usual, "Over The Hill" t-shirt and mug. Cheap ass.

"Can we buy back in? No? Remember what happened to Big Pussy? Yeah? Can we buy back in?"

Menu Shots

Blade: Trinity

xXx: Director's Cut

Wild Things 3 (?!)


South Park (S5): Going strong through season 5 and still one of the funniest shows on cable. 2/22

Stripperella (S1): I may be the only man in the world who thinks Pamela Anderson is absolutely horrendous looking. Her cartoon self even looks better than her, and that's saying a lot. 2/22

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Everyone's favorite sponge. Wasn't this in theatres a month ago? 3/1

Hoosiers (SE): When talent, dedication, and a hard ass coach meant something. Now it's all agents and shit. Don't believe me? Talk to my agent, he'll tell you. 3/1

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Team America, Blade: Trinity, Dune (SE), Hotel Rwanda...


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