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The Life Aquatic - May 10

Wes Anderson must have a pretty good hookup with the lads at Criterion, as they are releasing a double disc Special Edition along with a flimsy, single disc edition. Some of the extras included will be audio commentary with Wes, deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews and other stuff. When we get the final details, we'll let you know so you can rest easy. Speaking of not resting easy, where's that damn Bottle Rocket Criterion Edition?!

Meet The Fockers - April 19

Here are the final specs for the horrendous and surprisingly high grossing follow up to a damn good comedy. They just had to kill it. Would've been much funnier if they used Ben Stiller's real parents. Can you imagine Frank Costanza butting heads with Robert De Niro?


  • Feature Commentary with Director Jay Roach and Editor/Co-Producer Jon Poll
  • Extended Version of the Film
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Inside the Litter Box: Behind-the-Scenes with Jinx the Cat
  • The Manary Gland
  • Fockers' Family Portrait
  • The Adventures of a Baby Wrangler
  • Matt Lauer Meets the Fockers
  • NBC's Hit Comedy Scrubs "Training Day"
  • Cast and Filmmakers
  • Separate Widescreen and Full Screen Editions
  • English, French and Spanish DD5.4 Surround

De Niro watches as two short Jewish men argue about who's going to quarterback.

White Noise - May 17

Can someone keep Batman from making half-assed thrillers? He's so much better than this; you guys in Hollywood are seriously blowing it. Just the date so far for the DVD release, so keep checking back for specs and pictures of scantily clad women.

Keaton realized that the 'white noise' he'd been hearing was none other than Canadian rock band Nickelback.

Man on Fire (CE) - May 24

Somebody, somewhere that it would be a good idea for a double disc edition months after it's intial DVD release. Granted, Man on Fire is a pretty good movie, but seriously? A special edition?


  • Audio commentary with director Tony Scott
  • Fifteen deleted and alternate scenes including an alternate ending (with optional commentary)
  • "Inside Look: Hide and Seek" featurette
  • "Vengeance is Mine - Reinventing Man on Fire" 73 minute documentary
  • "Pita's Abduction" storyboards and multi-angle sequence with optional commentary
  • Music video
  • Photo gallery
  • Three trailers
  • Four TV spots

Okay so there's a lot of cool shit added to the special edition, more than it's standard release, which is saying a lot for special editons. People in Region 2 (like the UK) oare already enjoying its spoils as this was released on Valentines' Day. So, people in North America will have to wait a few more months for this little darling. Or you can always buy a region free DVD Player.


My Own Private Idaho (SE): This film might make you a believer in Keanu Reeves' acting abilities. If that doesn't work, try Parenthood. 3/1

Exorcist: The Beginning: Still wouldn't mind seeing a Paul Schrader Exorcist instead of what we have now. 3/1

Ice Age (Single Disc): Weird. If you didn't want all those bonus features on the double disc, you get to double dip for just the movie. 3/1

D.C. Cab: Awesome Mr. T. movie. No really. Has Gary Busey too! 3/1

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
---The Good Doctor (R.I.P)

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