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Holy shit! We just added a TON of new DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES to the site today, including the bunch below and a slew of others (hang on, I'm checking my thesaurus for another word for "a lot"...oh yeah, a GAGGLE!!). You've got special editions for everything from MISS CONGENIALITY (with a CD included for part deux?), XXX (the unrated version apparently features Diesel's Johnson...), DUNE (longer, boringer and more complicated) and 12 MONKEYS (no jokes here...great film!). You've also got more of your 80s TV faves like KNIGHT RIDER, THE A-TEAM, as well as DOOGIE HOWSER and DYNASTY! You heard me.

You also get a bunch of the winter releases making their way onto DVD including...ELEKTRA?? Wow, didn't that come out two weeks ago or something? OCEAN'S 12, NATIONAL TREASURE, CLOSER and a gaggle of others, so don't waste any more time reading my shit, and click below to see them all. PS: You must rent/purchase MISCHIEF as it features a very young, healthy Kelly Preston showcasing her pom-poms to the world. And what great pom-poms they are!

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