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Some new pics recently surfaced from two films that we haven't really heard much about. The first, courtesy of the folks over at Natalieportman.com, is from FREE ZONE, an indie feature Natalie Portman is currently filming in Jerusalem. Portman recently got into a bit of trouble when a few Jewish worshippers didn't care for her smooching with her co-star, Israeli actor Aki Avni, beside Jerusalem's Western Wall for a scene in the movie. In an area that's considered holy and with strict rules about male/female interaction (namely, there is none), members of the opposite sex engaging in some tonsil hockey doesn't sit too well with the Jewish masses (for more on that, go HERE). In it, Portman stars as a woman who goes on an adventure with a taxi driver after running away from her home.

The second pic, courtesy of Dark Horizons, is from the suspense thriller FLIGHT PLAN starring Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard and Erika Chrsitensen. In it, Foster stars as a woman whose daughter disappears while they're on a flight from Berlin to America. Click through for more pics of each.

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