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Diary of a who?!?

Let me guess...Oprah Winfrey mentioned the DIARY OF A MAD, BLACK WOMAN on her talk show this past week, right? Wow! Now either that's a fact or the $23M opening for the movie is the biggest surprise of the year so far, with little fanfare, promotion or star-power going for it, as the low-budgeted film (it apparently only cost about $5.5M to make) stormed past both HITCH and CONSTANTINE to finish atop the box-office charts this past weekend. Mind you, nobody needs to shed a tear for Will Smith as HITCH continued to bring in big audiences anyway, closing in on $130M after only three weeks.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Keanu Reeves and his genre pic CONSTANTINE, which like most genre pics, tumbled mighty heavily during its second week out, dropping close to 60% of its audience from last weekend, and scrounging up a little over $11M, after its monster $30M+ opening seven days ago.

The other two new movies didn't fare remotely as well as DIARY with Wes Craven's long-delayed CURSED managing only $10M in receipts, despite a year in which films like BOOGEYMAN (with no stars in it, whatsoever) opened at $20M, and Tommy Lee Jones' latest adventure into "acting like himself" called MAN OF THE HOUSE, hustling up a little over $9M, and opening in 5th place. The two Oscar favorites for tonight, MILLION DOLLAR BABY and THE AVIATOR also maintained their top 10 spots, as the big night approaches, while stuff like ARE WE THERE YET? also managed to inexplicably remain consistently grounded in the top 10-- after six weeks of release!! (people love their Ice Cube?)

Next week sees the addition of two "big movies" in the sequel to GET SHORTY starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman and a load of other people entitled BE COOL and Vin Diesel's attempt to stay afloat among the macho movie stars of tomorrow with his deviation into a "family flick" entitled THE PACIFIER.

1. Diary of a Mad,... $ 22.7 Million
2. Hitch $ 21 Million $ 122 Million
3. Constantine $ 11.8 Million $ 50.8 Million
4. Cursed $ 9.6 Million
5. Man of the House $ 9 Million
6. Million Dollar Baby $ 7.2 Million $ 64.7 Million
7. Because of Winn-Dixie $ 6.8 Million $ 22.2 Million
8. Are We There Yet? $ 4 Million $ 76.4 Million
9. The Aviator $ 3.9 Million $ 93.8 Million
10 .Son of the Mask $ 3.8 Million $ 14 Million




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