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Brandon Routh news article pic So here's what's going on in the comic movie front. While filming SUPERMAN RETURNS down under, Bryan Singer had a little time to slip out and be a judge at the 2005 Australian Tropfest Short-Film Festival. Fansite Superman Homepage was on hand and got the big man (or rather biggish but perfectly coiffed) to talk a little about SUPERMAN. Check that out over HERE.

IGN recently got tipped off that Joan Allen has a part in director Paul Greengrass' comic adaptation of THE WATCHMEN, playing Sally Jupiter aka The Silk Spectre I. This would be the second time Allen works with Greengrass as she worked with him in the thriller THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. For more on that, go HERE.

Brad Bird recently spoke to Comingsoon.net about the possibility of a sequel. He mentioned "if I had an idea that I felt was as good and better than the one we did, you don't just want to repeat yourself. You want to take it in a new direction. If I could find something as good as 'Toy Story 2' was to 'Toy Story', I would love to return to the world. But I think it's also about assembling the original team and respecting the audience and all of that. I think if those things can happen, I love the characters and I love theworld and I'd love to do more with them." Come on, Brad, you can't tell me you don't have another good idea for a sequel? Yes, you do, Brad! Yes, you do. Read more on that HERE.

If you're a HULK fan then I'm sorry to tell you that the chances of a sequel are looking less and less. At least not anytime soon. Iesb.net recently caught up with Eric Bana and asked him what were his thoughts on a sequel and he flat out said "I can't see a sequel happening anytime soon." Read more on that HERE.

So we know David Goyer is writing and directing a big screen adaptation of THE FLASH and there's been some talk that he was looking to get his BLADE: TRINITY star Ryan Reynolds to play the title role. However, Garth over at Dark Horizons is saying Jensen Ackles is the one up for the role. Ackles has worked his way through the genre circuit, most recently appearing in "Smallville" as "that blond guy" or "Jason Teague". For more on that, go HERE.

This isn't really superhero related but it's close enough. USA Today recently revealed that the teaser for ICE AGE 2: MELTDOWN would be accompanying prints of ROBOTS. More on that HERE.



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