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Nobody appreciates a nice trilogy pack as much as the asshole typing this up as you read (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc...), but was there really a need for the VAMPIRES trilogy or WILD THINGS, for that matter? Okay, scratch that last question. Whatever the case, studios are banging their movies out more than even these days, including odd special editions like the 2-disc editions of MAN ON FIRE, I, ROBOT and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW that Fox is releasing on May 24th (didn't they just release their single counterparts a few months ago?). MEET THE FOCKERS has also been set for next month already, as has the BLADE TRILOGY (okay, now that one...I can understand). And did I mention the Special Edition of COYOTE UGLY on June 7th? I ain't shittin' ya, man.

These are just a few of the latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES that we've added to the site today, all of which you can check out by clicking through the release months or dvd covers below. And oh yeah, for all those who have been waiting for the definitive JAMES DEAN COLLECTION (3 movies, really), it's set for May 31st, right next to the MARLON BRANDO COLLECTION. Nice!

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