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Weatherman review


Scooper Arsi was cool enough to send in a review of Nicolas Cage's upcoming THE WEATHER MAN. The review is mostly negative and does have some spoilers so if you're not down with that then don't scroll down. If not, read away.

Weatherman still

Weather Man

By: Levy

From the trailer I thought this was a comedy, but it is more a drama with comedic elements. Basically it is about a man (Cage) finding inner peace with himself. Being the son of a Pulitzer-winning author (Caine), Cage struggles with finding his place in the world. He has a highly-paid job as a weather man, but didn't study meteorology, so he feels like he is being a cheater. His marriage is in shards, his son is in a drug-program and his twelve year old daughter is overweight and already smoking. So basically he feels like he is a loser both as a weather man and as a family man. When his father is diagnosed with a deadly disease and has only few months to live, he tries to concentrate on winning his 'ultimate blessing'.

That is more or less the story of the movie, which unfortunately fails on too many levels. They try to make Cage's character a loveable asshole, but unfortunately there's not much to love in him. On the other hand Caine delivers another magnificent performance and his final scene with Cage is a blessing for this movie. Unfortunately Gore Verbinski struggles to tell his story. He uses a lot of voice-over which is IMO not the way to do a movie. To me, either you can tell the audience what you want to deliver with dialogue, gestures and facial expressions or you leave it. Here we have minutes in which Cage only looks at photos and a voice-over tries to deliver his thoughts, which is just bad story-telling. But the writer has to be blamed equally.

The script tries to deliver its message to the viewer with a sledge-hammer. That message being "If you hate yourself, others will hate you as well" and it is illustrated by two things in the movie: People throwing stuff at the Weather Man and him starting to do archery for no particular reason at all. When he finds inner peace with himself and learns to like him how he is, no one throws stuff at him anymore. The only reason for his archery is it's the only way they could think to illustrate the road to accepting himself. At the beginning he misses the targets completely, then he slowly works his way to the middle and when he has found his balance: bull's eye. Plain bad! It has an interesting cast, but the concept of the movie is so bad, that even a great performance by Caine can't rescue it.

Grade: 6/10

Source: World of Kj



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