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C'mon Hollywood #51


...kiss them, they're Irish! (2/2)
by Indiana Sev

Everything I’m seeing this week is green. The beer is green, the walls of the offices here are decorated in green; even the pot roast I cooked last night turned green. I’m only kidding of course -- I can’t cook. The only place I ain’t seeing green is in my bank account (du-dum-tss). Now that the “comedy” (ahem!) portion of this intro is over, let’s continue with my top ten favorite things ‘Irish’ to come out of Hollywood ….


5. Aidan Quinn

I wanted to focus on one Irish actor in particular that I admire and with the trio of finalists that also included the likes of Peter O’Toole and Gabriel Byrne, you can imagine how hard my decision was to make. So, how did Aidan finally win this heated battle? Easy, he’s got the most Irish sounding name of them all. Ironically, he’s the only one of the three that isn’t born in Ireland . With Irish-infused projects like MICHAEL COLLINS, EVELYN, THE IRISH IN AMERICA, THE PLAYBOYS, SONGCATCHER and THIS IS MY FATHER on his impressive filmography, Aidan Quinn makes all Irishmen around the world proud. Enough to forgive PRACTICAL MAGIC, even…

4. House of Pain songs in trailers/films

Erik Shrody (a.k.a. Everlast) and his merry men of Irish-American hip-hop rappers rocked our worlds (okay, my world) in the early nineties with their House of Pain album. Since then, any movie trailer that uses Jump Around in it automatically looks cool. Hell, the only reason I went to see THE GREAT WHITE HYPE is because it used Jump Around in its trailer. The slick barroom scene featuring Irishman Colin Farrell in DAREDEVIL with Top O’ The Morning To Ya playing in the background just proves my point all the more. A House of Pain song in your movie, whether the film be good (HAPPY GILMORE) or bad (MRS. DOUBTFIRE) is a sure thing! Eat your hearts out, U2!

3. Ben & Matt

The enigma that is “Daffleck” has been baffling us since they won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for their drama GOOD WILL HUNTING in ‘97. First we thought they were lovers; then we saw them as notorious daters of young Hollywood starlets and now we know they’re just two super cool green-blooded Bostonians. The overly criticized Affleck always comes off like a class act on the talk-show circuit and Damon continually has me in stitches from his cameos in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and JERSEY GIRL to his hilarious starring turn in STUCK ON YOU (a vastly underrated comedy!). Now if we could only get these good ole Irish lads to write screenplay #2 sometime this century…

2. Cheers

I’d gladly trade in my actual friends for the loveable patrons of NBC’s top-rated sitcom CHEERS. It’s where Kelsey Grammar blossomed before we OD-ed on his character on FRASIER. It’s where Kirstie Alley was sexy before she ate her family. It’s where Ted Danson was the coolest guy in the world before – well, he’s still the coolest guy in the world; and CHEERS was the coolest place to be in the 80s and 90s. You know, the pubs in Ireland get all the publicity and hype but it’s the city of Boston and the gang at Cheers that made drinking fun!

1. Movies about the Irish Mob

There’s the Italian Mafia. Chinese Mafia. Russian Mafia. Armenian Mafia. Okay, the latter might not sound so tough to you, but the nine fingers on my two hands tell me otherwise. With all these movie mob cliques, the Irish mob doesn’t get much face-time but when they do, it’s a red and green blur of crime-riddled cinema goodness. Here are just a few you should sample to celebrate your special holiday on this St. Patrick’s Day Eve…

1. Miller's Crossing
2. State of Grace
3. Road to Perdition
4. Gangs of New York
5. The Boondock Saints
6. Angels with Dirty Faces
7. Southie
8. The General
9. A Prayer for the Dying
10. Monument Ave.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!



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