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Two new movie sites have gone live recently. First up is the site for would-be X-MEN 3 director Matthew Vaughn's directorial debut LAYER CAKE. The movie has been receiving some positive buzz and could very well be the reason why Vaughn is likely to get the X3 gig. The site is pretty comprehensive and features cool little snippets from the movie whenever you click through to different parts. It does get a little annoying but the content makes up for it. It's set for release May 13th. Click on Sienna Miller's blurred image below to go to the site.

Layer Cake 

site still

Next up is the site for the Asian revenge flick OLDBOY. If you haven't heard of this Asian cinematic gem then you clearly aren't a frequent visitor of us here at JoBlo. And, if so, then welcome. Good to have you here. Hope you'll come back soon. Ok, ok, enough babbling. The movie's about a man who tries to find out why he's been locked up in a room for the past fifteen years and in doing so, lay the smack down on the person or persons responsible. It's scheduled for limited release March 25th. The site covers pretty much everything you'd want to know about the film. Click on the fallen "Y" to check it out

Oldboy site 




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