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JoBlo.com 7-Year Anniversary!


Yup, it's that time of year again. Time to celebrate the fact that we've been around for another 365 days, survived and still sober enough to talk about it. This month celebrates our 7-YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the Web, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited the site since 1998 (and beyond), as well as all of the very cool people who have been supporting and working hard on the site since that time (CLICK HERE to see the hilarity that was JoBlo.com in June of 1998...wow, we've come far!). You can also CLICK HERE to see all of the various incarnations of JoBlo.com over the years. As usual, you can expect things to keep getting better on JoBlo.com in the months/years ahead, and we can only do it with your continued support and help. Feel free to toss any one of our JoBlo-sters an email whenever you have something to say, or just use the feedback form below to let us know what you LIKE about our site, or even what you DON'T LIKE (there's always room for improvement). See ya'll at the 7-year anniversary party...in my pants!!

How did you find this site? What do you dig? What blows? Want more of...? Talk to me!!



Most of you also know about my book entitled JOBLO.COM PRESENTS...THE 50 COOLEST MOVIES OF ALL-TIME (and own it, right...right??) with a foreword by the great Kevin Smith, but for those who don't, here's a little excerpt from the intro to the book, which provides for a little background on me and the site (some stats and shit are "off" since I wrote it a couple of years ago). CLICK HERE to purchase the purty l'il book.

Who the hell is JoBlo?

I’m basically just a dude who started a movie website called joblo.com back in March of 1998, as a hobby, since I was in a bit of a writing funk myself (I wrote about four screenplays in the two years prior) and wanted to keep my writing skills sharp. Years passed, I barely matured, I smoked even more shit and finally got laid (thank God the cousins came through town) and I somehow started to develop a following on the Net: great folks to whom I refer to as “the schmoes” on the site. People like you and me (but muuuuch better looking!), movie-lovers, nacho eaters, all looking for a place to congregate and discuss films (and boobies, of course—well, okay, maybe that last part is just me). So I started to add some other sections to the site, put some news items up every other day, added a bunch of movie trailers, screensavers, some funny trivia quizzes, and the next thing you know, the 100 people that I used to get every week during the first year…turned into 100 people every minute a couple of years later! The site kept expanding after that, even as I changed shitty computer jobs in “real life” (I have a M.B.A. in marketing), and that’s when my good buddy Arrow came on board with his horror sub-site called “Arrow in the Head”. We also added more goodies like movie wallpapers, movie scripts, a movie discussion board so that everyone could converse amongst one another and much, much more (Mike Sampson, our beloved news editor also helped take the site to another level, among various other volunteer workers, all working on the site for no pay but mucho “love of the game”).

So I finally quit my last crappy job in January 2001, just when the Internet bubble was about to burst (great move, genius!), and have been working on the site full-time ever since (and crying myself to sleep every other night, boys and girls). And yes, I basically still live at home with my mom and dad, and my room is literally in the garage (some people think that I made this part up for effect…but come…visit me…I’m seriously in my parents garage, yo!!). Anyway, it’s not all bad, I actually like living at home, especially since the internet ad market is dogshit nowadays, and even though we get more than 30,000 people visiting our site every single day, the green that we bring in is just enough to pay the bills and cover our obscene amount of coke and hooker parties (a man’s gotta relax). Seriously though, I joke around a lot because it’s the only way I can keep from putting a bullet in my left temple. Seriously though…someone please take me away from all this…harrumph, oops, sorry about that…forgot that I was still typing. So yeah, nowadays, I basically dedicate 24/7/365 of my life to the site (get a life, junior!), my girlfriend of three and a half years drop-kicked my big ass about a year ago and life’s been serving me caca-balls every since…but who’s complaining!!


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