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Well, folks, another day brings another batch of superhero related project updates. And, boy, are there some good ones. So, let's get this show on the road.

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Marvel guru Avi Arad recently spoke to SFX Magazine and actually mentioned the possibilty of a SILVER SURFER movie. Not only that but there might be some Silver Surfer goodness in a possible FANTASTIC FOUR sequel. According to Arad, "first we want to do the origin of the Silver Surfer and the Galactus story. But because it's the same studio, one day you'll probably have our version of Alien Vs. Predator - only a much, much better version." Man, that is music to my ears. I've always thought Silver Surfer would look amazing on screen so just thinking that it could actually happen in the near future is, to take a phrase from Shaggy, bombastic!

The Flash news article pic According to Superhero Hype, Ryan Reynolds dropped a double whammy recently. According to their scooper, Reynolds said that he'd love to play DEADPOOL in a feature adaptation. Secondly, he said that he had a meeting with David Goyer, who's writing and directing the feature adaptation of THE FLASH, and that if Warner Bros. greenlit Goyer's script then he's The Flash. I'm always a little weary about random scoopers sending in this kinda news because there's a good chance he or she just made it up to get Reynolds name attached to the character. Don't get me wrong. I'd love for it to be true. I think Reynolds' is great casting and he already proved his action chops in BLADE: TRINITY but seeing as how there's the heavy stink of bullshit circulating this, I'd be cautious about believing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Iesb.net recently had a talk with Marvel mega-producer Avi Arad about X-MEN 3 and, as expected, Arad didn't divulge much of anything. However, the iesb folks did manage to squeeze out of him that James Marsden would be coming back as Cyclops. According to Arad, Marsden read about how Marvel was upset since he had "defected" to Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS so he called Arad and told him "what are you doing...I told you I'm in". Check out the interview over HERE or by clicking on Cyclops below.

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Iesb.net also talked with Thomas Jane about the upcoming PUNISHER 2. According to Jane, the script is currently being worked on and, in a crazy twist, the movie will actually be set in New York! Crazy! Check out the interview over HERE.

Finally, if you want to see how TRANSFORMERS would look in a live action setting then click on the picture below to go to computer animator Michael Smith's website. He has nothing to do with the current production of TRANSFORMERS being produced by Don Murphy and Steven Spielberg. He just wanted to show a Volkswagen transforming in a live action setting but it looks pretty damn sweet and it does give us some idea of the look of the movie. When you get to the site, click under "VW Transformer".

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