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X-Men news article pic First of all, I wanted to comment on yesterday's story about Ryan Reynolds saying that if the studio approved Goyer's FLASH script, he'd be The Flash. Well, John let us know that Reynolds did in fact say it at a Q & A at the Wizard World Convention over the weekend. Also, when he was asked about playing Deadpool, he said "that the reason why I stepped out of my mother". Sounds pretty sweet to me. Thanks to John for clearing that up for us.

The real business at hand, though, are the new mutants to be featured in X-MEN 3. We can say with some certainty that Beast, Angel, and Gambit are in. However, there are a couple of contrasting views as to what capacity each will be involved. IGN is giving word from their "super secret" insider that Beast and Angel will be major players while Gambit takes a backseat. XMenFilms.net, though, has recently chimed in with some scoopage and they believe that Angel is the one who'll be playing second fiddle to Beast and Gambit. According to their insider, who's apparently not as "super secret" as IGN's, he or she confirmed Beast and Gambit's appearance in the current screenplay but there was no mention of Angel, which could mean that he just appears in passing.

With me so far? Good cause I have some more news. XMenFilms.net is also reporting that the Sentinels which, as you may recall, are the gigantic mutant killing robots, will be wreaking havoc on the X-Men. The creator of the sentinels, Dr. Bolivar Trask, will apparently also feature in the movie. However, IGN is now countering by saying the Sentinels will, in fact, NOT be the villains in X3 but their insider refused to comment on whether Dr. Trask is in. "Refusing to comment" is usually another way of saying "yes" so we can assume for now that Trask is in. If he's not using his smarts to create giant mutant killing robots, though, then what is he doing? Well, it's possible the filmmakers will change Trask's story as they did with William Stryker in X2.

So, let's recap here. Angel, Beast, Gambit are probably IN. Sentinels are probably NOT in. The creator of the Sentinels, Dr. Trask, is probably IN. Angel probably has a pair of nads and not a pair of boobs. Angel and Gambit's screen time is iffy but Beast is probably a major player. Famke Janssen will probably get naked but NOT in X3. Salma Hayek will probably NOT be in X3 but she's REALLY hot and deserves a completely random mention. Check out the XMenFilms.net article HERE and check out IGN's article HERE.

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