Int'l Island trailer

Why do all the countries outside of the United States get all the good stuff? Chicks with hot accents... Coffee shops... EuroDisney... and they even get the best trailers! The latest proof that we Americans are getting the shaft comes in the form on the new international trailer for THE ISLAND. Heck if it weren't for the wonderful world wide web, we'd never even know this bad-boy exists! Is it the MPAA that keeps us from getting great trailers? I'm not sure cause I don't see anything in here that would have to be cut for "General Audiences." But looking at this, I'm thinking it's at least three times as good as the domestic US trailer. That said, Michael Bay makes a damn pretty trailer, huh? Sometimes the movies don't turn out to be so great but at least we have the trailers to look back on. How THE ISLAND will shape up when compared to BAD BOYS 2, PEARL HARBOR, ARMAGEDDON, et al, remains to be seen but we'll find out on July 22. Click here to see the international ISLAND trailer and when you're done compare with the domestic trailer here.

Source: Apple.com



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