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7 Days In Hell pair to do doping mockumentary for HBO


andy samberg, 7 days in hell

Andy Samberg and Murray Miller have found their next target to spoof for HBO under their Legends of Sport banner, and Lance Armstrong is sure to be pissed. (Too bad.)

TOUR DE PHARMACY, which Miller will write and Samberg will star in, will take aim at doping in the world of professional cycling and has already lined up Daveed Diggs, Julia Ormond, Phylicia Rashad, Will ForteDolph Lundgren, John Cena, Mike Tyson and Nathan Fielder to participate from the start. 

The last time Samberg and Miller teamed up for an HBO mockumentary, it was 7 DAYS IN HELL, the very funny fictional tale of a tennis match at Wimbledon that went on for an entire week. This time, Lance Armstrong should know that his seven stripped Tour de France victories were just the beginning of his punishment for cheating.




Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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