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The Graduate sequel?


The Graduate news article pic I have good news, bad news and scary news. The good news is that author Charles Webb, who wrote the novel that the classic THE GRADUATE was based on, has written a sequel. The bad news is that Webb doesn't plan on publishing the book until after he's dead. The scary news is hearing Lisa Marie Presley admit to Oprah that her marriage to Michael Jackson was "consummated". Yikes! I figured they had knocked some boots but hearing her say it made it all too real.

The sequel, titled HOME SCHOOL, follows the story of Bejamin and Elaine as they now have a son and have taken him out of school in order to home school him. The real question is why won't Webb allow the sequel to be published until after he dies? Apparently, it has to do with the film rights to the original. When Webb sold the rights to the original, he uknowningly sold the rights to the characters as well. So, if he were to publish the sequel, a movie could be made without his consent. Further, he's tried speaking with the company who owns the rights, a French media company called Canal Plus, but they weren't too receptive. According to Webb, "I hoped something could be worked out with the company: I didn't want to control the film but I did want some basic say over the story. I hoped they'd let me do the screenplay and my younger son be an adviser, because he is the real thing in terms of being home schooled. This wasn't a suggestion they were willing to accept. So I'd rather not be around to see it if not even minimal control is possible." As such, he intends to leave the novel to his son in his will. To learn more about this, go HERE.

What we will be saying on the big screen is a movie starring Jennifer Aniston titled RUMOR HAS IT, which tells the story of a woman who suspects her family was the inspiration for THE GRADUATE book and film.

While it would be cool to see a sequel to such a great movie, I guess some things are better left alone. Some things are also better left unsaid. Nobody ask Lisa Marie Presley about "consummation" with Michael Jackson again. Please!

Source: Film Guardian



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