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Reynolds talks Flash


More comic-book-to-movies talk today as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR guy, also known as the VAN WILDER guy, the BLADE: TRINITY beard guy and simply...Ryan Reynolds, spoke to ComingSoon this past weekend and gave them a little more skinny about his ongoing interest and involvement in the film adaptation of THE FLASH-- that dude in the tight red leotards who can run as fast as my ass. Seems like things are moving along just dandy. Here's what our favorite Canuck had to say about all that red, fun stuff:

"The Flash is something David Goyer is writing now and we're hoping Warner Brothers will greenlight it. The story he has for it is unbelievable. I mean you know it's such a mind-boggling story, so I'm really excited about it. There's so much I didn't realize about the laws of physics and relativity that you can get into with the Flash. And you know the fact that he's basically doing things like arriving before he's left. I mean this stuff to me is really interesting to capture on film.

If it all goes well, I'll be playing it. I have a penchant for wearing red unitards to various parties around town so I'm in. There's nothing contractual about it, David Goyer and I have always said we would like to do it together and Warner Brothers seems to approve of that."

Source: Comingsoon.net



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