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UPDATE - Somebody just informed me that the FANTASTIC FOUR poster is actually a fan made April Fool's poster. Damn April Fool's Day!! Even so, though, it's f*cking sweet!

A shitload of new posters went online today. The first is the poster for Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE. The animated flick stars an ensemble cast including Zach Braff, Joan Cusack and Garry Marshall and tells the story of Chicken Little and his whole "sky is falling" theory. It opens November 4th. The second is the German poster for FANTASTIC FOUR. This one follows the same pattern as the rest with the main characters all displaying their powers in a brooding yet hip way. It's a little cooler than the previous ones but nothing to torture a furry animal over. It opens July 8th. The last two are international posters for KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and XXX: STATE OF THE UNION, which apparently outside the US is called THE NEXT LEVEL. Weird. The KINGDOM poster is just a slight variation on its American counterpart and I'm actually digging the UNION poster. KINGDOM opens May 6th and UNION opens April 29th. The third two are new posters for the animated flick MADAGASCAR. It opens May 27th. Finally, the last two are the posters for Ben Affleck's supposed come back movie MAN ABOUT TOWN and the "Amanda Bynes in a bikini movie" LOVEWRECKED. Click on each one for their respective high res versions. Thanks to Alexander and Christian for the international posters.

Chicken Little poster Fantastic Four German poster

Kingdom of Heaven international posters xXx: State of the Union international poster

Madagascar poster Madagascar poster

Man About Town poster Lovewrecked poster



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