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Kinberg talks X3


X-MEN 3 pic Screenwriter Simon Kinberg is on a major roll. He has no less than three mega budget flicks coming out this summer, which include the upcoming XXX: STATE OF THE UNION, the ultra-cool looking MR. AND MRS. SMITH and the fanboy joygasm FANTASTIC FOUR. Recently, he sat down with Moviehole and spoke mostly about STATE OF THE UNION but he also mentioned a few tidbits about X3. A snippet of the interview is below. Click HERE for the rest of it.

Will ďX-Men 3Ē be about Dark Phoenix? Iím not allowed to say, but your guess isÖ. it was set up pretty well in the second movie. So, thatís part of the third movie, but thereís a new plot thatís the story of the film.

What of the rumours that James Marsden mightnít be coming back? I believe he is now. The way Iíve written his character now Ė Iím trying to write him so he only has to come back for a couple of weeks. But heís definitely a part of the movie.

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