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Skank as sex icon?


I've made it no secret that I have zero appreciation for the "entity" better known as Paris Hilton, a woman whose entire being of success is based on the fact that she's 1) a dumbass 2) spoiled beyond belief 3) rich beyond belief and 4) as untalented as they come. As for the videos of her smoking pole that just "happened" to find their way onto the Internet, well...I don't really blame her for that, since those weren't really her fault, but then again...who knows. That said, the untalented "actress" will be co-starring with the much lovelier and much more talented Elisha Cuthbert in the upcoming HOUSE OF WAX and recently tossed an interview MTV's way, in which she was asked if she would remake a Marilyn Monroe movie like THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH or SOME LIKE IT HOT and unfortunately (for us) replied: "Yeah, there's some talk."

Now hopefully she was talking out of her ass, but knowing Paris and the machine that is Hollywood, this might sadly be true. Not that a remake of those flicks starring...Elisha Cuthert wouldn't have be salivating at the glands. Anyway, MTV's also got a bunch of pictures from the film, as well as some videos of behind-the-scenes stuff (no smoking pole, I'm afraid), so click on the talented Canadian below for more of that coolness. The film opens May 6th.

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Source: MTV.com



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