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Maguire gets Punched


Tobey Maguire is attached to star in an adaptation of Billy Chaka's novel TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH for Sony Pictures. Ed Solomon (MEN IN BLACK) will adapt the story, which is too complicated to quickly synopsize in a quick sentence so I'll offer up this description from Chaka's web site:

Meet Billy Chaka, ace reporter for Youth in Asia, Cleveland’s hottest selling Asian teen-rag. Chaka is in Tokyo to cover the Under-19 Handicapped World Martial Arts Championship and meet with his friend Sato Migusho, the renowned director of cult film classics like "Sex-Up the Hotrod, Baby!"

But Sato never shows. Instead, a woman stumbles into a dive bar with tattooed yakuza in hot pursuit. Then Chaka discovers that Sato has been murdered, and the strange and beautiful woman just may have been a witness.

As the mystery deepens, Billy will start brawls in swanky corporate sex clubs, be offered a golf membership by a secret religious order, meet a dog trained in the Way of the Samurai and race stolen motorcycles through the neon-choked streets of Tokyo.

Maguire will produce the film through his Sony-based Maguire Entertainment production company. The actor will star as Spider-Man once again in SPIDER-MAN 3 next year and in between, according to IMDB, will take a role in the indie drama SAY IT IN RUSSIAN.

Source: Variety



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