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Tyler packs a .45


Aisha Tyler news article pic I started watching "24" this year. That was a bad idea. Now I can't properly function on mondays without watching Jack Bauer unleash a mega-can of ass whupping on terrorists. The closer the episode gets, the more questions I start asking about it. What creative way will Jack find to kill someone in this episode? What are Edgar and Chloe gonna argue about in this one? Are they gonna catch that assbag that shot down Air Force One? Why the hell is the Vice President so goddamn creepy?? And, of course, what I'm sure everyone's thinking - Michelle and Tony are soooo gonna hook up! Yes, when it comes to "24", I'm a eight grade schoolgirl.

The reason I bring this up is because Aisha Tyler, who had a brief stint on "24", has recently signed on to a new movie. I'd only seen Tyler briefly on "Talk Soup" but after seeing what a conniving, scheming beeyotch she was on the show, apart from being glad that they put a few bullets in her chest, I'm looking forward to her work. The film, titled .45, is a doublecross movie set in the dark world of Hell's Kitchen. It co-stars Milla Jovovich, Angus Macfadyen and Stephen Dorff and is under director Gary Lennon from a script he wrote himself.

I wouldn't mind them bringing Tyler back to the show but I have more important things to worry about - like when Jack's gonna get to Marwan before he decides to use those friggin nuclear codes!

Aisha Tyler news article picAisha Tyler news article pic

Source: Variety



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